Campus Hills Third Annual Digital Photo Contest

Eye on Campus Hills

Campus Hills is excited to announce that our third annual digital photo contest is coming up soon! Past participants have enjoyed this new tradition in our neighborhood. It is a lovely way to walk Campus Hills, talk to neighbors, and see our great area with a new lens!
This year the contest starts at 6:00 am Saturday July 11 and all photos are due by 9 PM July 12, in digital form. Ten photos attached per email. There will be 40 photos to take so 4 emails with 10 photos attached to each( just like last year). If your phone only allows 5 photos per email, then send the forty in 8 batches. You do not have to take all 40. Teens are welcome to participate. You must sign up ahead of time by emailing the contest director at by July 10. On the morning of July 11 you will be emailed 40 photo topics to take. You must submit them , captioned, by 9 PM July 12.
Example: 1. Something red in Campus Hills.

Example 2: A Campus Hills dog.

Last year’s participants all reported that they had fun. Come join us! There are prizes! Email Susan at with any questions.