The Campus Hills Community Association would like to extend many heartfelt thanks to Jason DeFontes and Kim Culp for leading the Luminaries Team through all the activities needed to keep this time honored community tradition in splendid order. From all accounts it seemed to go in a seamless and smooth manner. Thanks also to those neighbors who lent a hand: Rob, Bill, Beth, Bailey, Wesley, Jesse, Benny, Dan, Joan, Kyle, Will, Lisa, Prahanth, Marc, Lance, the Kirlin Family, Livia, Joe, Susan, and Jai. If we missed your name , please let us know!!
As Christmas Eve approaches, we ask that neighbors please check on their fellow neighbors who are elderly or have trouble getting around to see if they need assistance with setting up and disposing of their luminaries. Also, if you have neighbors who will be away perhaps you could volunteer to take care of their luminaries .
Helping one another shows the strength of our community!!