August 1, 2017:

On National Night Out, August 1, 2017, Towson residents, the Towson Area Citizens On Patrol (TACOP) and the Baltimore County Police Department will celebrate their effective partnership in fighting crime in Towson. TACOP and the Baltimore County Police are inviting the public to join them at a celebratory National Night Out event at the Towson Courthouse Patriot Plaza on Tuesday, August 1, 6-8 PM, to enjoy refreshments and greet their police officers. The police will thank residents for their support and for calling in and reporting criminal incidents and residents will show their appreciation to the police and TACOP volunteers for keeping Towson safe.

In honor of National Night Out, which is celebrated annually across the country on the first Tuesday of August, TACOP is asking all residents and businesses in the Towson community to come to Patriot Plaza and show their support. This event showcases the value of TACOP’s volunteer program and the effective crime fighting partnership it has with the Baltimore County Police. The Towson Police and Community Relations Council will also honor Towson’s Officer of the Year.

Parents are encouraged to bring their children to this event. In addition to refreshments, activities for children will include a Moon Bounce, face painting and the opportunity for them to get on a fire truck, in a police car and in a race car. Baltimore County’s Canine Patrol and a Marine Division Police Boat will also be there. Sponsors of this event include Midstate Community Bank, the Towson Chamber of Commerce and the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office.

All National Night Out attendees are asked to bring 2-3 non-perishable items of food or travel size toiletries, which will be donated to the Assistance Center of Towson Churches to help Towson residents in need.  TACOP volunteers patrol the streets of Towson neighborhoods to keep residents, businesses and students safe. Working in partnership with the Baltimore County Police, they monitor crime activity in Towson neighborhoods and immediately call 911 to report suspected criminal activity they observe while on patrol. TACOP is a 501c3 organization founded in 2000 to help Towson Area neighborhoods start COP programs and is solely supported by donations.
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TACOP Contacts:
Mike Calwell, President (443) 829-5276
Pat France, Vice-President 410-828-5564
Janice Arcieri, Secretary 443-465-0150
Janet Eveleth, PR/Media 410-821-1008
Barbara Lewis, Website Coordinator 410-663-4266
Kathy Fick, Fundraising Coordinator 410-825-8275