In the words of luminarie organizer Michael Kirlin…

This has been a Campus Hills tradition for many, many years. Many families within and from outside our community get great joy from this display of illumination. In our small way we are bringing light to the world for a brief moment on the most glorious of nights. Please join us, as we try to involve as many homes as possible to participate. If you will be out for the evening or away for the holidyas, please notify a neighbor or myself, to light your candles in your absence. If possible, please park cars in driveways for a clearer view of the luminaries.

Please equally space the bags along curbside and light them on Christmas Eve at 7:00 pm (if it is raining at 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve, we will postpone the lighting until Christmas night at 7:00 pm).

Then come out and enjoy our illuminated display with neighbors.

Many thanks to the Kirlins for their years of service!