Campus Hills Community General Meeting

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Campus Hills Annual Meeting and Elections

Cromwell Valley Elementary School (Cafeteria)

Thursday, March 14, 2024

7:00 p.m.

The Campus Hills Community Association invites you to attend our Annual Meeting



07:00 p.m.         Meet & Greet

07:00 p.m.         Sign Up Sheets for Upcoming Events

07:10 p.m.         Business Meeting

CHCA Mission

2023 Accomplishments

Election of 2024 Board of Directors

2024 Goals

Financial Report

07:40 p.m.         Guest Speakers

Officer Chrystal, Towson Precinct Community Outreach Team

Mike Ertel, District 6 Councilman

Cpt. Schroeder, Towson Precinct Commander

08:00 p.m.         Open Floor/New Business

08:30 p.m.         Adjournment

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