Recently, many of our board members noticed some questions and comments on our Nextdoor social media site regarding how our residents feel about inclusiveness in regards to race, ethnicity and the general sense of its welcoming spirit. Although this board generally steers clear of political alignment, there is no way to shelter or diminish the national conversations and news which affect all of us.  There is much turmoil and a general sense of unease and exclusiveness in many towns and cities across the U.S. which, in some sense, makes our home here in Campus Hills an oasis of stability supported by the kind and generous spirit of its residents.

Our current association board members have been actively discussing the benefits which our community gains with respect to its diversity of race and culture.  In our last board meeting in July, the notion was brought up that maybe we should, with a unified voice, espouse the virtues of our community inclusiveness and use it as an opportunity to get to know and again befriend our neighbors.  We have multiple different cultures and residents of diverse ethnicity in our neighborhood, which at its core build an inclusive and healthy community.  We all chose to live in Campus Hills for its charm, its schools, its location and a multitude of other qualities which promote the American dream.  

So, in that American spirit, we as a board simply want to celebrate our community inclusiveness and diversity.  Our board is made up of volunteers who want to espouse servant leadership and our hope is that our residents feel the same. Please feel free to reach out and contact us.  We hope to see you all volunteer one day and become a part of that team of servant leaders within Campus Hills.

William Hill and Jaideep Sinha
President & Vice-President of the Campus Hills Community Association