Campus Hills Annual Community Meeting
Wednesday, March 16th, 7:00 pm
Cromwell Valley Elementary School Cafeteria

At least one member from every household should attend. This is your opportunity to meet the board of directors who have been so successfully running the community association during this past year. You’ll also be able to hear from and question our speakers which include Councilman David Marks, Captain Jay Landsman from the Towson police precinct, and from Goucher College Lynn Lochte, VP of Finance & Admin. and David Heffer, Director of Public Safety.
We need your vote to elect our next board of directors. We also need your involvement. We have several nominations for various positions, but don’t be shy. We’re happy to see some friendly competition if you’re interested in a board position that may already have someone else running for it. All positions are easy, come with support and have small time commitments. Please consider filling a role and contributing to your community.
President: Will Hill
Vice President: Sinha Jaideep
Treasurer: Rob Latteri
Secretary: Lisa Cabalo
Director of Citizens on Patrol: Wesley Wood
Covenants: Jesse Careyi
Membership: Benny Louie
Newsletter: Kyle Rudgers
GTCCA Delegate: Vacant
Hospitality: Joan Carey
Fundraising: Vacant

*Please note that volunteers for activities are needed as well. The family that has spearheaded our holiday luminaires is retiring. If no one takes this over, the tradition will be lost!
Any and all questions are welcome. Please contact me if you have questions about the upcoming meeting or any of our board and volunteer positions. 443-377-1956 or